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Stamped Overlay is a process in which we apply a thin layer of concrete to an existing concrete surface. Most applications only need ¼” to ⅜” of material to produce the new stamped concrete surface. Stamped Overlays carry the same colors and patterns available in our Stamped Concrete line.
Not all existing concrete can be overlaid, between “cracking”and “scaling” of concrete it is not a always an acceptable decorative concrete application. This is why we insist on coming out and visually inspecting the area before creating an estimate. We will be honest and explain what we’re seeing and give you an evaluation of the possible remedies to beautify your concrete.
Stamped Overlay is not limited to the outdoors. One of our favorite areas to add this gorgeous flooring is inside your home. We bring a one of a kind hard surface flooring to any room of your house with the durability and low maintenance one would expect with a concrete floor.
All photos on this website are from Bontrager Concrete Projects. Please contact us for color charts of stains and any questions.

Before & After Pictures