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Resurfacing Concrete is a very popular way to give your existing concrete new life or adding beautiful decor to your project. We offer many different applications to meet these needs. Even though most of these processes can all fall in our Decorative Concrete service, we like to separate them as a resurfacing option to help gain their popularity and understanding.
When resurfacing we always give our expert and experienced advice on how the finished product will look and perform. With all resurfacing generally the main concern is long term durability. At Bontrager Concrete we are extremely particular in the materials we use to ensure a quality end result. Also we will not take on a project if we feel the end result will be below our high quality standard just to gain your business. We will be honest and use our extensive expertise to explain each procedure and why it will or will not work for your particular project.
With so many different resurfacing applications often there are applications overlooked as options. Take time to explore all the different options we offer. You may be surprised at “what else” could be done to your project. All photos on this website are from Bontrager Concrete Projects If there are any questions not answered on our website please give us a call, we would gladly assist.