Bontrager Concrete was Established in 1965. From the beginning we built our company on the principles of Quality over Quantity. Never allowing shortcuts to save a dollar or just to make something easier. Our CREW, a critical component, are trained all details matter and all reinforcements are placed with care. Accuracy and Quality are our Primary concerns.
Through years of providing top quality foundations we have obtained several award winning and industry leading achievements. Our work has been noted Nationally on several occasions. We may be on the small side of concrete companies but our size does not reflect our ability nor limit our scope of work. We love doing those rare 4 wall basements but on most occasions we find ourselves doing some of the largest and most complex foundations in our surrounding counties.
Whether your foundation has 4 or 60 corners, requires the use of Pilings for support or engineered structural steel packages we take the same personal care and attention on every project. We want all our clients to rest assure many things may happen in life but there foundation is not something they need to worry about.