Bontrager Concretes Flatwork is unrivaled in quality. From a little patio for that morning cup of coffee to parking lots that take daily traffic abuse. We take every measure to leave behind a quality, good looking product that will meet or exceed your expectations for years.
As with everything we do at Bontrager Concrete we do not take short cuts on concrete “Mix Designs” or the reinforcements in our concrete. A key component of concrete flatwork is found in the prep work of the sub grade. Each project we tackle we produce a quality compacted gravel subgrade before placing the new concrete.
When access is limited or we need to haul concrete, every measure is taken to protect your property. Be it landscaping or simply your yard. All of our Excavation equipment (2 Bobcats and mini Excavator) are tracked minimizing damage. We also have “earthmats” that we lay down to further protect your lawn from the needed traffic for the process. All photos on this website are from Bontrager Concrete Projects.