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Bontrager Concrete is one of a few concrete contractors that offers almost every Decorative Concrete application available today. No matter the Decorative application used we hold a very high standard of acceptance of quality on our end. Pushing ourselves everyday to do better than yesterday. Even more so in the Decorative industry we are extremely picky on the products we use to produce these beautiful projects. Of all the service Bontrager Concrete offers the Decorative area is the youngest. Even with that said we are still one of the longest lasting Decorative concrete installers around. Bringing a piece of mind we will be around for that next project.
Decorative Concrete is a very general term used for many colorful and beautifying concrete applications. Each having its own qualities and uniqueness. With the different applications there are different price points for each budget.
We believe that we hold some of the highest quality standard in all the Decorative Concrete markets today. We love taking your imagination and making it into reality. We also are glad to help in the design and selection process of projects. We have an outdoor display that will be updated in 2015, and a wall of samples at our shop to aid in this process. If we do not have a sample to your liking we will produce one for you!
Surface Preparation is the single most important process in producing a long lasting beautiful Decorative surface. We make sure to take the necessary steps and time to make each project a success. When access is limited or we need to haul concrete, every measure is taken to protect your property. Be it landscaping or simply your yard. All of our Excavation equipment (2 Bobcats and mini Excavator) are tracked minimizing damage. We also have “earthmats” that we lay down to further protect your lawn from the needed traffic for the process.